Minecraft Website Templates Partnership Options

Below is an outline of our partnership options to advertise and sell your products on our website.
In addition to this outline you will need to meet standards for the store along with agree to our partnership terms and conditions.
Commissioned Partnership Acceptance is based off a case by case application.

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Please see below for an overview on some of the features of each partnership option, to find out more of if you have any further questions please click the button to the right to send us an email.

Applying for Partnership

Currently Partnership Applications are in an “invite only” mode while we work out any of the kinks and payment issues around payments and listings when more than 2-3 users are all posting to the website.

We will be adding a form for applications shortly, until then please click here to show your interest in becoming a partner.

Support Options

We offer 3 types of support for our partners. This support varies dependent on the type of partnership you fall under.

The Premium Support offers basic help with the website and its use around posting your projects along with correct formatting of download files and other post related information.

The Featured Support offers the same as the premium support with additional help in formatting your code and helping you present your products in a way that will get the most sales for your work. Along with this we help with minor bug fixing issues your code may have when people start to use this.

The Exclusive Support offers very in depth support around all aspects of uploading your products to our website for sale, along with this we priorities your support requests along with help with coding issues you may be experiencing and even offering short tutorials or further guidance for improvement of your current / future products.

Protection Options

Like our Support Options, we offer varying store protection for your products and any sales made.

Our Premium Protection option makes sure your content is not sold in packages or by other users on the website.

Our Featured Protection option includes the premium protection package along with basic support with any charge back cases you may come across when selling products. This is limited to providing any relevant information that we store about a transaction within our site being provided for you to fight your charge-back case with Paypal. such as transaction id’s, username of customer and screenshots of payment and download dates.

Our Exclusive Protection option enhances the Premium option and we will help guide and put together a case for you to present PayPal over your charge-back.

We do not claim to be able to win any charge-back case but will provide the information needed to help you on your way with it. We will not provide real names, emails or personal information outside the basic information to fight your case and will not be held liable for any loss of income from charge-back cases from products sold on our website.

All users who charge-back will get black listed on the website and will be unable to purchase products from us again using their current Paypal account / account with our site.

Commission Rates & why we charge them

We have decided to charge commission rates on all paid products on our website. This is due to the service we are providing along with handling all advertising, media, and site traffic to bring the most people here as we can to get the most sales we can for partners selling products on this website.

The small percentage of commission covers keeping the store live and to offer further updates and features as time comes. along with this it also helps pay for any advertising and management costs that sit outside the normal website hosting fees. The majority of all income from commissions will be going towards making this website stand out from any others of its kind.

The different commission rates are dependent on the level of partnership your account sits in. Higher quality products and partners who can product multiple high quality products will gain more of the sales than partners who have lower quality products.

How are my products priced?

Our products are priced on a few factors, these are some of them below.

  1. The quality of the product
  2. The complexity of the product
  3. The need of the product

We price the products to be affordable while giving profit to the creator on multiple sales. We price all products at a lower than single sale rate due to the ability for it to be sold multiple times. If you wish to limit the number of times your product can be purchased you can discuss this with our team and we can work out a limit to your product.