Minecraft Market Templates being UPDATED!

Recently Minecraft Market Donation Store updated how they handle templates which has broken the majority of templates I have made for that store. Over the next few weeks I will be updating these templates and uploading them to this store. All purchases of these templates previous to this date will be able to download a new updated version from their account section.

If you purchase the template from after today (7th  July 2017) you may have to wait a few weeks until the new file is ready BUT will have access to the old files until then.

Keep an eye on my twitter @sycoinc for updates and more information

Rainbow Market Updated 1.3b

We had a few reports of bugs with the Rainbow Market which have now been resolved on our end. The only known issue now is that the custom table is not functionable (in the default home page content) and it seems this issue is due to Minecraft Market’s text editor box stripping HTML elements.

Please re-download your files once logging into our site and if any further issues contact us via [email protected]

There have been reports that the Enjin Market theme for Minecraft Market Donation Store has been experiencing load time issues, to resolve this please re-download the files (version 1.2) or manually remove the below code from the base.html and login.html section on your site.

Remove the script that has “threejs.org” in the url as it is no longer needed nor does it exist.

I have updated css and js file linking issues with ALL Minecraft Market themes. If you have purchased a Minecraft Market theme since the website’s relaunch you will not have to worry about needing to update the files. However, if you purchased the theme previously you will need to create an account and get in contact with us via our contact form. From here we can credit your purchase to you so you then can download your files.


After a few months of inactivity and work on the site we are proud to announce the site is back open and can not accept purchases for our templates.

With this change, all user accounts will need to be re-created due to using a totally new platform for the website. If you have previously purchased a template please use our contact form and send us the paypal information or confirmation email text you received and we will credit your account.

With the launch of the new site we are beginning to accept external partnerships where you can sell your templates on our site with a small handling fee. To find out more about this check out our partnership page and / or contact us for when we will start accepting applications.

If you have any issues please contact us.

After a few months of very slow development and setup of this site I have finally opened it up to a select few to test out its features, test purchases and uploads and look for general bugs. Please let me know anything you find out so we can launch ASAP!